How to get rid of bum cellulites; causes and remedies

How to get rid of bum cellulites

cellulite butt? What causes it and how do you get rid of them! Cellulites are beautiful but may pose a challenge yet remedies are available but may need consistency, a mix of solutions and a bit of alternatives.

How to get rid of bum cellulites


Cellulites are not just beautiful but feminine and a normal appearance in women, most especially adult women of all sizes, yes! Do not be surprised even thin, slim, skinny people have cellulites. Some have them more than the others and some more than in fat or chubby women. It is not until you fall pregnant and have a baby that you begin to have them.

That is not to say that men do not have them too. Did I get you rolling those beautiful eyeballs again? Ok! You should know that some men have cellulites too. Though it is most common in women.

The appearance of cellulites depends on a number of factors. It is almost impossible to get rid of cellulite on the butt completely yet you must do something to minimize it’s appearance if that is in your goal list.

Jokes apart, I love cellulites in women but for some reason of perception, trends in society and media they have been made to feel ugly because of it’s association with the word “fat”.

Cellulites are hereditary too. I am a living proof of that. From my words you can basically decode that just like you, those cellulites show up and become worse before i notice them from my very busy life and begin to do something.

I must tell you how much my work usually pays off once i pay attention to my cellulites. The strategies i will be listing on this post are the ones that have proved most effective. They are basically my go to for solution when those cellulite challenges crop up.

These remedies have time and again proven useful in minimizing it’s appearance and many times completely to oblivion. I fluctuate from having horrible cellulites to none.

The thing is cellulites can appear in various parts of the body but for the purpose of this post, I will focus on bum or cellulite butt.

Cellulites can appear on thigh, arm, buttock, hip and other places. While i have them less visible in some areas and most times appear voluminous in these same areas they were never in, my butt is the master of cellulites.

My mum seem to be my mirror unconsciously. We are both on the fat side naturally and have learned to embrace it yet doing all we can to be in best shape, good health and great feeding habits including exercising together when we make the plan.

When ever I walk past my mum in the morning to go about my busy life and my mum tells me Jay, your butt is losing shape again, i smile and say thank you mum. Lol. That is how much better it feels to have people who support and have common goals with you.

When ever she says that, where ever I go, I have it on my mind that i have an assignment and that is to get rid of my butt cellulite. My bum has massive cellulites that can prove stubborn and return back just with a little ignoring and forgetfulness. It is so massive that they when ignored, they struggle to steal the shape of my bum. Oh, surprised! I really have horrible bum cellulites even when been on an extremely fit and healthy weight.( Heredity) for me.

But I know there are people like me with worse or less and that is why you have come to read this post.

As a perfectionist who worries over even the less important things I have made my cellulite butt fighting habits a ritual that spells consistency. Most times, I forget. Sometimes I remember but do not have time and rush out of the house or try to catch up with meeting time and other life commitments that get in the way of my butt cellulite ridding mission but then I have thought myself not to go to bed without doing two or more of my routines.

I ensure I wake up very early in the morning to keep up before leaving the house or when i take a quick visit to the house or the office or school restroom I do them or some quick ones before I retire to bed. Urrgh! So burdening and tiring you must say. Yes baby! May I remind you that nothing good comes easy in life. Besides life is about the little things that makes us happy.

Committing time and sacrifices to those little lofty goals and ambitions makes life all the more worth living and gets you appreciating the results when they finally show. It is the sweet sweat memories this time.

How do you get rid of cellulite butt?

  • -Dry brushing

Oh yea, I love this one. I am writing this post very early in the morning and I have done this just as my legs stepped down from the bed today.

I cannot tell you how smooth my butt known for horrible cellulites have become since I made it a routine. Touching my butt from extra exfoliating feels almost better than the rest of my skin or body parts.

Dry brushing is an old technique that have been praised for many years for the benefit it brings. Old century women can vouch on it’s ability to get rid of cellulite on butt. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems which helps to diminish or lessen the appearance of cellulites.

In addition, dry brushing exfoliates the skin of dead cells.

There is no scientific support to back the claim that dry brushing can get rid of bum cellulites or cellulites generally but again we have human testimonials and I particularly cam very well state that it just takes 2 good days of using a bristle brush to vigorously scrub my dimpled butt to begin to see visible results.

I know 2 days is too fast and almost unrealistic and may not be same for you but I am using myself as a case study here. I mean it feels too good to know that my rumpled or dimpled butt whose shape get altered almost immediately can loosen up soonest just with vigorous dry brushing.

When the cellulites show up I do not give my butt skin rest with every privacy that I get as I go with my dry brush everywhere. You too can do same.

Dry brushing along with a combination of cellulites ridding routine does the job of getting rid of cellulites on the butt.

Tip; Use a stiff bristled brush across your skin with long, circular strokes sweeping through every area with cellulites to invigorate it. Use this brush on your dry skin. Scrub for as much as you want. Take a bath afterwards and moisturize the butt or any part you dry brushed.

-Drink plenty water

What ever method you chose to use to get rid of cellulites, it is best to begin with remedies at home and in your control. Water is free and healthy. Taking large amounts can help flush out toxins and aid body organ functionality for clearer skin.

Consume omega 3 fatty acids from fishes like sardines, salmon, mackerel etc. or get this fish oil from fish oil capsules to get overall skin health.


Exercise is the master of all the remedies mentioned above. My type of job requires me sitting long hours and only wakes up to go round and intermittently for some duties. This puts me at risk of butt cellulites.

The only time I get to exercise is through my home simple exercises i do compulsorily when I don’t sleep late over.

I notice that when my job gives me ample time to wall up and down, i barely have butt cellulites nor on my thigh or hip.

I also remember the times when I plan up some serious personal exercise routines like jogging up the hills every morning. Climbing those hills was more of a strength training for my gluts(bum) , my calves and legs as well as my thighs.
Jogging and loosing extra weight did not rid me of cellulites but doing strength training ascending the hills and down did.

Squats are excellent too. Oh, I love this uncomfortable exercise and cannot do without them. They help retain my curves, build muscle while burning fats and help to tone me up. It is very effective in getting rid of cellulites.

I tend to rush out of the house very early with no time to do them or i just do little repetitions before leaving the house. I used to do some in the restrooms at work and in school when I have the chance to but most times i do it at night in the shower before going to bed when I didn’t find time to do it earlier.

Many times still, i don’t get the chance to do it all through the day but still end up fine from the ones i did 3 days earlier so long as i find another time to do it.

The only reason i minimized intensive squats and got very careful when i did them was because my legs were beginning to feel the brunt and would always want to fail me for putting much pressure on it so i give it some rest or do it lightly and gently with moderate repetitions.

My other exercise routines that have become a ritual and i must do them at least in a day no matter how busy I get are

  • -Bench dips
  • Planks

They help tone my arms and tummy. I alternate this with some walking exercises. I take a walk instead of using the car most times.

I do lunges for the butt once in a blue moon and also do other butt toning exercises occasionally too except when i am on a targetted mission to achieving a body goal.
You can also try this effective exercises i use on my routine.

The above are ways that i use to tackle my butt cellulites but below are other known effective ways i recommend too.

-Consume gelatin

Amino acids, glycerin and proline in gelatin helps for proper skin and nail or hair growth. Gelatin helps to tighten loose skin and help to improve cellulites appearance. There are different brands of gelatin. Speak to your health care provider first.

-Use Anti cellulite creams containing retinol and or caffeine.


Evidence proves that some anti cellulite creams and gels are effective in reducing appearance of cellulites on bum, hips, thighs and other areas.

Massaging a coffee scrub can plump and tighten skin to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Some cellulites help strengthen skin too.

Well, some people can vouch for those creams, scrubs, gels and serums for getting rid of bum cellulites or cellulites generally but not me. You may try them and give your own review to us here. You may get me to believe them with your proof.

-Laser therapy

A delicate laser Fiber is inserted underneath your skin by a dermatologist. This process breaks fibrous bands under your and thickens the skin for less cellulites. The effect of laser lasts for a year.

This is an evasive treatment, if you are brave enough to go medical on your mission to get rid of cellulites on the bum then go for it.

N/B; Love yourself which ever way you are and what ever result you get but do not ignore the little helps you can give yourself.

Final message; On JaRaHaB we value your contributions, ideas, opinions, questions, feedbacks and comments. We love to hear from you.
Leave us a message on our contact page or drop a comment below.

Disclaimer; All contents on JaRaHaB are not a direct substitute for medical, health or appearance advice from a medical, health or appearance professional.

How to get rid of bum cellulites
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