Butt acne : Causes and remedies

how to get rid of butt acne

Butt acne can be embarrassing but completely normal. I have had butt acne that cleared even though i didn’t give it attention.
It is not same as the acne that occurs in face and upper body. But just in case you worry about showing some more skin on beach when you have breakout on the butt, you must know it’s causes just like you fret over every other skin issue too.


– It is caused by inflammation of hair follicles known as folliculitis or irritation due to rubbing which results from wearing tight fitting outfits or waxing of the skin around that area. It comes in form of small, shallow, itchy painful bumps which can enlarge when irritated due to organisms that live on the skin when irritated. Organisms like bacteria, fungi or yeast.

  1. Keratosis pilaris.

Caused by build up of keratin around pore opening.

2. Contact dermatitis.

Allergic reaction resulting to rash from reacting to irritants your skin comes in contact with. E.g launds or chemicals in creams.

Regardless of the cause of butt acne remedies abound.

  • Apply lactic acid lotion

This is similar to salicyclic acid and is an alpha hydroxy acid that loosens and slough dead skin cells away. It can be found in some body lotions to help smooth bumpy, rough skin. Use salicyclic acid or tea tree oil although not together at same time. Use one in morning and the other at night for what ever combination you chose.

  • -Salicyclic acid use.

A betahydroxy acid that helps dead skin cells shed. Search for skin care products containing salicyclic acid.

  • -Tea tree oil.

Effective in treating breakouts and reduces inflamed or non inflamed acne lesions, has less side effects and may take longer to work. Add few drops to your oil free moisturizer or body wash.

  • -Use Benzoyl peroxide gel or wash.

Benzoyl peroxide has anti microbial properties that helps clean pores and soothe skin and swelling areas caused by inflammatory properties. Look for body wash, soap, gel and body wash with benzoyl peroxide.

Caution; It can bleach your skin

  • -Shower after exercise
    Sweat that doesn’t get washed off gets trapped against skin breeding bacteria and irritating hair follicles. Change yoga pants to avoid trapping moisture against skin.
  • -Wear loose clothing
    Tight fitting clothing can tap moisture against the skin and trigger folluculitis.
  • -Apply warm compress
    Use warm compress on butt or sit on it for a few minutes. Soaking yourself in salt water may also soothe skin.
  • -Exfoliate gently and never use abrasive products in butt acne. Never use bristled body brushes or loofah’s.
  • -Never pick the pimple
    Quit touching to avoid irritation of that skin area.
  • -Watch out for sensitive products
    Products like fabric softeners, laundry detergents, flush-able wipes and soaps, dryer sheets or preservative in body creams or products may give contact dermatitis. Quit scented products too.

N/B; If your butt is inflamed or severe or bumps that are large, pus filled, call your doctor to rule out possibilities of of follicus infection to prescribe treatment if it is diagnosed.

If after trying the home remedies, you see no improvement, call your doctor.

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how to get rid of butt acne
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