How to keep your mind and brain active and sharp

How to keep the mind and brain active

Brain activity; Strategies to keep your brain and mind active may just be goals for people who have noticed a dull in activity. You can restore the mind and brain’s activity by following recommended solutions below. There are various reasons why the mind and brain receives a seeming decline in it’s functions which affects in different ways and for different conditions like motion sickness an the likes and there are ways to keep your mind and brain activity at maximum speed.

How to keep your mind and brain active

The brain and mind works together. The brain changes with time and age. Yet you wonder why you have not even been able to remember where you saved that money nor can you remember that you had food on fire till it got burnt despite being a young man or lady. Most threatening of all is that you cannot even remember the name of your new employer and colleagues to impress. You beat yourself in guilt many times wondering what could be wrong with you and if your brain is degenerating and how you could keep the mind and brain activity at it’s best level of functionality.

We all have been there at some point in our lives before where we cannot match names we have been told to people who bear them, times we hope to comprehend simple readings but cannot. You fear loosing brain retention when your office course of departmental exam is fast approaching. Then you realize you are gradually loosing confidence in yourself and can’t tell why.

Growing up as a teen, i cannot tell what happened and it got into my adolescence stage until i began to worry about it and make conscious positive changes and efforts and i must tell you i am better improved in memory and retention than those days when i had food on the fire and totally forgot till it was burnt to condemnation. The days i could barely grasp street names and their properties easily despite being categorized as one of the most brilliant students in school and a young girl for that matter. I am grown now and learned that we can’t change the things that happened but we can control their incidence in the future.

People of all ages go through this challenge, even young ones like me then.

The few tips below can help stimulate brain activity and maintain it’s functions. Doing a few activities and habits that helps to stimulate the brain, challenge it and push it beyond comfort zone is the all round trick to an active and sharp mind and brain.

-Exercise regularly.

The brain needs new nerve cells to function properly. Exercise spurs the development of these new cells and increases connection between brain cells. All of this causes the brain to become more active, effective, efficient, adaptive and functional. In a nutshell, it increases brain activity.

Exercise reduces mental stress since it increases circulation of blood and nutrients to the brain leaving your body and mind and brains active, sharp, sound and strong.

-Eat the right foods the right way.

Ever been advised on many occasions to eat balanced diet and foods rich in fruits and vegetables? That is because asides the many benefits of eating balanced diet which includes body cells and bone repairs, growth of muscles as well as a strong, healthy body, foods like fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, plant source of proteins and unsaturated oils. These foods are also beneficial in developing the brain and minimizing risk of dementia through cognitive impairment. Eating foods that prevents cognitive decline is good for the brain’s health, improves concentration, memory and increases attention span. Berry and green leafy vegetables boost the brain.


-Raise your brows


Raising your brows when you talk, observe or see something boosts adrenalin and alertness helping to increase focus and remembrance.

-Get enough sleep

Sleep improves every aspect of the human being and helps organs and the body function properly.

-Eat natural sugars occasionally

Eating a small snack with little natural sugars before going to sleep can help boost the brain and keep it more active and stronger as the body rests.

-Quit smoking and drinking

This will help improve cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of dementia.

-Prioritize retention and stimulate the brain through use.

The moment you realized you are not doing well as expected, got worried and begun searching the web to the point of reading this, your brain has picked up no matter how dull or less active it is in state.

As a young teen whose hobby was cooking. I found it very disturbing that the moment I leave the food on fire to pick or attend to something not far away from the kitchen or even answer a family call I end up totally forgetting that I had food on the fire. I end up sitting comfortably in the parlor and watching the television I turn on. Most times I leave it there and go to sleep. Completely forgetting the food till it burns up completely. On many occasions, kitchen accidents and disasters have been salvaged just at the right time by family members when ever i cooked.

It became worrisome to me and i realized that i could drive past a place many times and not grasp the complete description of the place.

It began from realizing and then I began to say it repeatedly that I hated the forgetfulness in my life and yearned to fix it even though my dad will say her elder sister does exactly like me. I chose not to believe I could inherit such but was bent on working on it.

When ever I cooked, I stayed close, when ever I went to pick something, I said un my mind and aloud, Jay, you have something on fire and must not forget. More like a song till I returned. It became a part of me to remind myself consciously of what needed to be done. Is that not the beginning of retention? It is. I stopped burning food but I never stopped reminding myself, soon I also jumped to consciousness of taking cognizance of street names, houses and all the street properties like banks and shops around that street area when ever I drove past by. I always reminded myself to look out of the window to fix that forgetfulness.

I must say that I ate balanced diets and exercised but it was my conscious efforts at forcing my brains to recognize what must be done and my mind to retention that helped to begin my mind and brain restoration.

Make a conscious effort to remind yourself even if it means singing to yourself this things and watch your brain and mind grasp.

-Learn to focus all your senses.

When you see a sumptuous plate of food or colorful flowers do not just admire or fall in love with them alone. Fall in love with their properties and qualities too.

Can you describe the aroma or scent? Can you describe the color? How does it taste? How unique is the taste and what is the difference with similar ones?
By taking note of all these, you are focusing your sense organs and in turn increasing retention, concentration and brain efficiency.

-Protect your emotions and deal properly with them.

Emotions like exhaustion, sadness, depression, sleep deprived habits affects your cognitive function which contributes to poor mental health. Without emergencies and bad occurrences that takes us unaware or even situations we cannot control, then life will cease to be life. If you cannot control the things happening around you, you can still decide how to live your life positively, control emotions and see the better side of life even when it is less visible.

-Push your knowledge limits

Take courses, solve math equations, learn that formula, practice that technical skill you think you cannot do, learn that beautiful craft you feel is complicated. Push the brain beyond it’s seeming last limit gently will not only help you develop neurological and functional reserve but repair cells and prevent future cell loss. Train the brain to solve puzzles, riddles, do some mentally stimulating activities yoga or dance and watch it build up.

-Get social with friends

Get your blood circulating to the brain through your social life. Anxiousness and depression hampers the way the brain works and is associated with being anti-social.

-Take dance classes with a partner or friends
-Go for group exercise lessons
-Do meditation and learn a new language

All of this builds the cognitive function of the brain.

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How to keep the mind and brain active
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