Body Odour: Effective Natural remedy for body odour(DIY)

Body odor

Body odour can come across as one of the most embarassing body issues which can step down a person’s self confidence at once. It keeps people at a distance from its victims and can somehow prove stubborn to be treated with only a few known effective remedies. This natural Diy remedy is particularly effective for sweat smells

What causes body odour


Stress is one big issue humans encounter and learn to live with through coping strategies. It is not limited to working class people alone. Most times it comes and is way beyond our control. Life events can stress one out too. If you overwork yourself, the brain and keep working despite feeling a burnout, if you are a person with a tendency to sweat, one of the ways the body communicates is by emoting sweat smells.

Anxiety Sweats

No matter how adept I am have been in managing my anxiety, I cannot deny how tough it gets In the Coping strategy. Once in a while, Most times when my anxiety gets at its peak, before i realize or even begin sweating, I realize some strong, different smelling odours oozing. You could tell from how the sweat smells differently that it isn’t just your everyday sweat.


For many years aside been worsened by my anxiety and panic attacks, I have suffered from hyperhydrosis and i tell you its not pleasant and difficult to cope with as it puts you on the map of consciousness all the time. Think of a natural sweater sweating due to some extra work, the hot weather or some strong circumstance, the outcome will be an unpleasant smell no matter the gravity

Poor hygiene

Well, I try to correct people all the time who try to generalize, conclude and mistreat people with body odour by being quick to recommend sprays to them because all they assume is that why would a human refuse to bath and smell nice. There are varying reasons why the body oozes smells and many times medically and many times not even understood. Well, poor hygiene Is just one reason to it

Being Overweight

Without trying to sugar coat things, many times it Is not entirely a person fault to be on the fat side. It doesn’t also mean that the person eats more than those on the slim end. It is many times about genetics and a slow metabolic rate which is the case with people on the bigger end. This is not to discourage anybody from making active and conscious efforts and decisions to stay fit. Many times when the body parts rubs each other with much friction and no space for air to infiltrate or penetration, the implication is some smell from such body parts

Private part hygiene.

For every time you use the washroom to urinate or excrete use the tissue and preferably water to wash off every time. It will save you the terrible smells which are a consequence of being careless with washing off the fluids and products from that end.

Some medical conditions

Health issues like Kidney and liver disease, diabetes can come with strong body smells and odors

Some foods and spices

Example adding garlics to food.

Some medications

Medications used for excessive sweating like Dopramin, desipramin etc can cause string body smells.

Wrong choice of body products or cosmetics

Some harsh body products strips the body of natural oils. Some bleaching products alter the body’s natural PH level thus interfering with the way it works. Smells could surprisingly ooze from oversweating due to bleaching and under sweating due to sweats locked in there.

What you will need to this DIY


Empty spray bottles which can be pressed from the nozzle

Cotton bud

How to use lemons to treat body odour especially caused by sweats

Lemons are quite strong and acidic with a powerful, tangent smell that can quickly swap a persons concentration. They are also effective in killing active germs, agents and bacteria’s that readily feast on sweats. They lighten the skin tone and can also dry the skin if used excessively as they could dry sweat quickly too. It is an active ingredient in keeping sweat smells and body odour at bay but must be used consistently and with caution too to avoid skin breakouts, dry out or irritation..

This Is no substitute for regular bathing of 2 to 3 times daily If you know you have such a challenge. It doesn’t also substitute using good smelling sprays, it doesn’t replace wearing cotton clothes and minimizing use of black colored clothes especially in hot weathers as black is a heat conductor. It doesn’t discourage you from washing and changing your socks and changing into clean, good clothes consistently. It doesn’t replace the fact that you should use less harsh products on your skin and avoid bleaching products. It doesn’t prevent you from being active and cutting down portion to loose weight. It doesn’t stop you from visiting your doctor to ascertain the cause of your body giving you strange smells.

Step 1 squeeze fresh lemons for as much liquid you want to Get into jar or jug

For your day, use 6 or 10 lemons if you have a strong smell from sweats

Step 2: Add some water to it. This is to minimize the harshness to mild

For your day, pick a small glass tumbler and share its water into three halves. Use just that little quantity to dilute.

Step 3: Shake this mixture

To make it even.

Step 4: Empty it into your empty spray bottle

Use one with a press nozzle or a hoe for spraying

Step 5: Take a cotton pad with you

you will use it for direct application

Step 6: Take some regular visits to the bathroom or rest rooms where ever you go.

Yes, that’s how much trouble and commitment you need to make to get desired results.

Step 7: Always squeeze out some of this liquids into a cotton pad or cotton wool

And dab them directly on your armpits as this is the major trouble area.

This helps to kill bacteria feeding on the sweats to cause swear smells or body smells.

Extra tip:

Use lemon based sprays to offset body odour temporarily as an alternative or extra. Lemon smell is so strong to concede other smells. in the process of using DIY, watch out for body stings to dilute with water more, watch out to skin drying and add moisturizers to your Care products, if it irritates your skin, you can stop immediately. Try the spray on a little patch of your skin to know if you should dilute it more or quit use at once

Disclaimer: This does not substitute your doctors advice nor is a direct recommendation. Try lemons on little patch of your skin first to see how comfortable your skin accommodates it.

Body odor
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