Black spots on face; Prevention, causes and remedy

Black spots on face; causes, prevention and remedy

Black spots on the face; What are the causes and remedies? If you asked this you must know that there are remedies for hyper pigmentation. There are various reasons why black spots appear on the face and other parts of the body.

On a general note, when the skin produces melanin(The pigment that gives the skin it’s color) in excess( hyper pigmentation) due to sun exposure and other reasons, the face becomes inflamed causing dark or black spots at that spot of hyper pigmentation.


-Exposure to the sun
-Reaction to skin care products
-Psoriasis and other skin conditions
-Habits like shaving or waxing of the facial hair.

Black or brown spots can affect all skin types causing a dull and aged looking skin appearance.

Treatment of dark spots

-Most dark spots go away on it’s own.

If it is caused by the sun wearing sun screen or sun block may help prevent further darkening. If it is hyper pigmentation caused by pimple, it may clear after the acne clears. If it is caused by pregnancy, it may clear after delivery.

-Quit use of skin care products that are harsh to your skin or cause adverse reaction.

This will Prevent further darkening of the skin.
Dark spots caused by medications may clear after some time when drug doze is stopped or completed while quitting harsh skin care products may cause dark spots to clear after a while from 6 -12 months.

-Treat psoriasis and other skin conditions

Treating them can fade darker skin spots and prevent appearance of new ones.

-Prevent further darkening and darkening of new spots

By wearing sun screens or block with SPF to protect against UVA or UVB rays.

-Use skin lightening products

Well, i once had dark spots on the face due to hyper pigmentation and skin lightening products only made them worse and more visible. Every skin is different. Using lightening products works to clear dark spots for some and it may just work for you. Get products containing Kojic acid and vitamin c as i do not recomment hydroquinone products.

-Differing gel

An over the counter treatment may help clear acnes and stop white heads and black heads from forming while it evens out your complexion.

-Chemical peels

This is an expensive and evasive medical proceedure. This must be done by a doctor or a trained skin or health care professional. Expect skin reactions like redness, burns. Etc. Several sessions of chemical peel may help produce noticeable difference on dark spots.

-Laser therapy

Involves using intensive light rays to lighten area of dark spots. It is also an expensive and evasive medical proceedure with lasting results once it becomes effective but may also take several sessions to produce noticeable results.

N/B ; Stay away from harsh remedies like use of mercury and see a dermatologist when you cannot seem to place your mind on an option for black spot removal.

Home remedies

-Aloe vera;

Naturally improves skin texture.

Tip; Cut a leaf of it and break to apply it’s fresh extract on the dark spot.

-Raw milk;

Contains lactic acids which lightens dark spots, calms and soothes the skin for a glow.


Exfoliates skin cells revealing clearer and brighter skin.

-Potato juice;

Rich in catecholase enzyme( A skin bleaching agent) that lightens sun caused dark spots and scars.


Tomatoe paste or pulp contains lycopene( skin lightening agent) that helps skin glow and become smooth.


High in zinc and effective un clearing dark spots caused by acnes. Mix with little lemon juice to control excess oil.

-Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables:

take enough vitamins especially vitamin B12 E.g; fish,poultry,eggs, milk and animal products.

-Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

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Black spots on face; causes, prevention and remedy
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