Birth control; Remedies to prevent pregnancy

Vaginal yeast infection

Birth control; Different ways to prevent pregnancy; Despite having sex there are various reasons why people chose not to get pregnant.

The best way to avoid a pregnancy is abstinence yet there are sure options for those who want to have sex and are not ready for the consequences(Pregnancy). After all sex isn’t for procreation alone.

There are effective ways of birth control used to avoid or prevent a pregnancy.

Birth control methods: remedies to prevent pregnancy

-Use the barrier methods of birth control

Using the condom is a very effective method of birth control which also doubles as a protection from sexually transmitted infections. You could use a male or female barrier method. There are different available brands of male and female condoms available out there.

This must be used once at a time. On no occasion should partners wear wear a male condom while the other wears a female condom at the same time. You can get one at your local drug store.

Tip; Make sure to wear the right size of condom and correctly

  • * To wear a male condom, place the condom at the tip of the erect penis, pinch air out of the condom tip. Unroll the condom down to where it gets. When done, make sure to hold the condom gently at the base before pulling out for disposal in the trash can.
  • *To wear female condoms, hold the closed end of the condom and squeeze the sides of the inner rings together with your fingers. Insert into vagina and push it as far as it gets until it rests against your cervix. Then guide your partner’s penis into the condom opening.

-Use emergency contraception

This are pills or birth control methods taken after sex almost immediately or within 72 hours. There are two types of emergency contraceptives.

  • -Hormonal emergency control pills
    This can be taken almost immediately after sex  within 72 hours(3days)after sex. It is most effective within this time frame but it can be taken 5 days after sex. You can purchase emergency contraceptive at your local drug store. Most appropriately before sex to be used after sex.

N/B;IUD methods of contraception are long term methods of pregnancy prevention.

-Emergency copper intra uterine device contraception

This should be inserted by a doctor at most 5 days after sex for birth control and pregnancy prevention. This type of contraception can last up to 10 years.

-Intra uterine devices

Can be worn for 3 to 10 years and can be hormonal or non hormonal.

  • -Go for contraceptives; This is grouped into hormonal and non hormonal approaches.
  • Daily mini plus; This contains progestin alone.
  • Daily combination pills; This contains both estrogen and progestin.
    Skin patches; Contains estrogen and progestin and are worn for 21 days, removed for 7 days before switching to a new patch.

-Vaginal rings

Are always worn like the skin patch for 21 days and removed for 7 days before replacement. These are hormonal options of contraceptives.

Use natural methods of birth control

-Avoid sex during ovulation and track your calendar
Know your body, know your cycle type and length. This should help you determine when you are ovulating. If you ask me, I’d say, as effective as this method seems, it comes with a great risk. Many people ovulate more than once and even before their cycle most times.

Using this method means being prepared to take whatever outcome should it fail.

-Consider permanent prevention of pregnancy

Well, this method is only recommended for people who are certain they want a future without kids.
Think deep. Is this what you really want? If you ask me, I’d advice you use other options that offers open doors and choices should you change your mind but in the case where you are sure, then speak to your doctor to sterilize you as a man so as to prevent sperm from being released during ejaculation and to block your fallopian tubes as a woman so as to prevent eggs from travelling to the uterus

-Use a diaphragm

Diaphragms are inserted few hours before intercourse and left for 6 hours after sex to be removed after 24 hours.

N/B; Always apply spermicides to diaphragms before each use. This method is also considered barrier method of birth control. It is an effective contraceptive method but doesn’t protect against STI’s

-The contraceptive sponge

This is made of polyurethane foam containing spermicides and placed deep inside the vagina to block entry to the uterus. You can buy it without prescription.

-Cervical cap

This covers the cervix to stop sperm from reaching the egg. It can be bought in drug stores.

N/B ; If you have an active sex life but dread pregnancy then you can opt for the birth control methods up there but you should expect failures or unforeseen circumstance in various degrees due to the option you chose. Semen may spill, condom may burst, you may forget to take your pill, etc. Take a pregnancy test from first day of missed period or 3 weeks after missed period for women with complicated cycles if you are sure of failed contraception. Just in case you get pregnant from unexpected circumstances, talk to your doctor for options to salvage the situation.

Birth control; Natural remedies for birth control; Natural methods of birth control is mostly effective when the partners are aware and agree.

Birth control remedies

There are many reasons why people opt for natural methods of birth control. I am so a fan of anything natural yet still very selective in my choices.

When using natural methods of contraception the partners will need to be committed to making it work and give their full cooperation to it.

– Knowing your fertile days

I can only suggest this method to another. For People like me who belong to a class of women who have come to embrace their irregular periods, we can only dream of this method but expect to get glitches on the way because it can be hard to pinpoint your true fertile days with an irregular period.

This method just involves knowing your fertile days and avoiding sex on those days to avoid pregnancy.

The fertility awareness method works best when used with other natural methods listed below.

-The rhythm method

This involves lots of math’s and calculations beginning from tracking your periods for a 6 months to 12 months time.

  • *Then subtract 18 from the number of days in your shortest cycle
  • Count that many days after you start your period as your fertile day
  • *Subtract 11 from the number of days in your longest cycle
  • *count the many days from the start of your period as your last fertile day.
  • *Do not have sex on or in between your first and last fertile day.

-The standard days method

This method involves the simpler math’s. It involves setting day 8 through 19 as fertile time for all women. It is best to use this method if your cycle is more than 26 days or less than 32 days.

-Basal body temperature method

This involves chatting your basal body temperature daily with the use of a basal body temperature thermometer. During the days you ovulate, your temperature may go up almost 1 degree F. Check if it is accompanied by bloating, sore or tender breasts and back aches.
This method alone cannot be totally accurate because other natural factors like stress, fever, lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking can get in the way, presenting similar symptoms like the ones that can occur during days of basal body temperature increase.

– The cervical mucus method

The cervical mucus can be very little after your period. This changes during ovulation. The cervical mucus becomes much, changes in color and texture to a clear, slippery and stretchy egg white consistency during your ovulation and most fertile days. Check with your fingers how your cervical secretions look like. At best, keep a chart or record of your secretions so as to spot easily the days of ovulation.


If you haven’t gotten your period yet for the first months after giving birth and exclusively breastfeed your baby( No food, water, formula or bottles) regularly, then your body may not release an egg thus making you safe to have sex without pregnancy. In all of this, we cannot recommend it as a safe way to avoid pregnancy.

-Withdrawal method

Sperm causes pregnancy when a man ejaculates in a woman’s vagina and an egg gets fertilized. By using the withdrawal methods, it means that the man will need to pull out just before he releases or ejaculates.
This method sounds simple but it takes a whole lot of determination and self control from the man. It is still not totally safe method to avoid pregnancy.

-Use herbal method of birth control


Some aren’t FDA approved but women vouch for them. They help keep the body of the woman from releasing eggs and prevents sperm from fertilizing the eggs.

  • * Wild carrot seed( queen Anne’s lace)- a teaspoon after intercourse
  • Thunder god vine( For men)
  • *Gossypol(For men)
  • *Neem
  • *Evodia
  • *Castor bean
  • *Thistle- drink the hot thistle tea to avoid pregnancy.
  • *Stone seed root- inhale smoke of stone seed root to induce sterility
  • *Ginger root tea-4 cups of ginger tea per day for 5 days to initiate menstruation
  • *Papaya- Chew 5 days before sex( men and women)
  • *Honey and aprocot- make tea out of it.

Disadvantages of natural methods of birth control

  • -It requires careful observation, basic reminders. Commitments and monitoring can be difficult. More difficult to use correctly as simple as it seems.
  • keeping away from sex and determining days to have sex can be difficult for some especially when the mood changes without notice.
  • -A woman’s fertile days can be complicated and difficult to know.
  • – Natural methods of contraception may not be as effective as other methods.

Advantages of natural methods of birth control

  1. It is cheap and cost saving
  2. Doesn’t require supervision of a health care professional
  3. No medical inconvenience or procedures.

N/B; It is best to practice safe sex if you do not want to bring in children without proper planning. Other methods of birth control may come with adverse effects on the long run. So as precautionary measure, the natural method of birth control can still come in handy.

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Vaginal yeast infection
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