Bad breath; Causes and remedies for mouth odour

Causes and remedies for bad breath

Bad breath? What causes it and how do I fix it soonest? A popular question. Mouth odor is embarrassing and even depressing when efforts fail. There is nothing more embarrassing than a body part oozing terrible smells. When I got the motivation to start a blog on my profession and what I studied in school, I just knew i would be talking about my ugly experiences to help you out in yours.

Bad breath

What embarrassing and heart wrenching health and skin challenges have I not had in this life despite being a self conscious perfectionist from birth, it felt like life was out to ruin my fairy tale world and to think that I was female, when lots is expected to keep up to standard.

It wasn’t fun. I have had problems deemed threatening to beauty, sexuality and self confidence and ho! I would not give up, it never swallowed me up. Maybe because I didn’t let it despite the struggles and how hard it was and so I would give you tips too.

Remember those times you were busy writing or focused on work on your desk which required full concentration and talking to no one only to remember you need to pass the paper to your colleague and just an “Excuse me, here” from you got her moving her face away!

What of those times you tried to whisper something to your crush and saw him act like he was short of breath and couldn’t
Wait to be out of there and you just know it wasn’t your love stealing his breath!

What of those times you struggled to speak up in a group discussion because you are confident that your answer was going to be the best but you feared to kill bare mouthed and then you smell your breath thinking it’s Ok only to get people almost slumping and holding their noses when that beautiful idea comes out of you. No, you cannot help the embarrassing scene always and would love to do something about it. I am so sorry. I have been there too.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is real. It is caused by the growth of bacteria in the mouth which in turn releases Sulphur compounds that makes your breath smell.

This bacteria accumulates on the bits of food left in your mouth.

Habits like smoking, drinking, eating onions and garlic including some certain foods and pungent oils can contribute to terrible smells and bad breath.

So how do you fight bad breath?

-Adjust your diet.

Take for instance, I love onions and garlic on all my foods so instead of slicing onions visibly to be chewed when food is ready, I rather blend the onions and garlic and let it earlier into the food to cook and reduce it’s smells.

As for eating fresh oils rather than stale or pungent oils in foods. That one can be controlled by any body who means to do it. Stay away from sugars. I am no friend to sugar except for my skin care routine and the times I feel like taking something sweet to spike my moods, once in a blue moon. Sugars are linked to bad breath and you know it is bad for health too. So, save your health and breath by quitting sugar intake and certain foods. Device means to lessen it’s negative impact if you must eat them.

-Get a new tooth brush regularly

Toothbrushes become frayed every 3 months. But for those of us with halitosis, changing your brush every two months will not be bad. Sorry, that is how high maintenance we have to be for our beauty. Lol

-Avoid dry mouth

For me, this is the very cause of my bad breath and halitosis. My mouth gets dry every now and then, producing less saliva and even gets worse when I keep shut for long without saying a word for up to 10 minutes. With all of this combined together, opening my mouth to speak with my calm beautiful face is contrasting as my face says I cannot hurt a fly but I end up killing giant souls innocently with my bad breath.

But then I learnt to take water everywhere with me, stay away from caffeine, sugars, cookies or any snack or gum carrying sugar unless you can brush almost immediately after your brunch or snack.

I also learned to take sugar less mints, gums and candies to keep my mouth busy when I wasn’t talking to keep my mouth engaged enough to produce more fluids.

This was challenging at first for me but I knew my problem and chose not to compare myself with others and was all the more determined for a solution and here I am today happy and beautifully sharing my bold experiences. You too can

-Brush your tongue regularly.

I even read one of the headlines say Beyoncé had terrible, bad breath and it says it was confirmed to be caused by not brushing her tongue. Speaking for myself, I too can confirm how much harm an un brushed tongue does. We all say we brush the tongue, I say so too but the tongue needs even more extra care and rigorous scrubbing than other mouth parts. I pampered my mouth and barely touched deep down there cos I hated the feeling of wanting to vomit each time I touched there and gosh! after learning my lessons, I’d rather throw up during brushing than be a walking nuisance.

Embrace your reflexes and gagging actions by brushing your tongue well and regularly to avoid build up of growth and bacteria in your mouth.

-Floss at least once a day

Till now I am as guilty as you are of this. No matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t stick that I should floss daily. Nevertheless I still incorporate it scantily into my mouth care routine.

Flossing helps remove food particles and plaques causing bad breath from your teeth and mouth.

-Brush your teeth after meals even at work.

Lol, don’t give me that look. It isn’t as bad as you think. If you can make up in the restroom of your office and go to check yourself regularly in the mirror then what stops you from going extra for your breath! Nothing.

Use a fluoride containing toothbrush with antibacterial properties to brush regularly.

N/B; Use a dentist recommended mouth rinse to kill odor causing bacteria.

-Go for regular dentist checkup.

Ok, this one involves extra time and money probably but it is to ensure good oral health and probably see if your dentist can diagnose gum disease to be the cause of your mouth odor or bad breath.

-Incorporate changes to your foods and drinks

Parsley combats bad breaths. Incorporating parsley leaves or supplements can help. Yoghurt helps fight bad bacteria while providing healthy bacteria. Milk can be used to fix bad breaths immediately after taking mouth odor causing foods. Drink green or mint tea for fresh breaths. Swap soft drinks for fresh orange, pineapple or apple drinks.

  • -Gaggle mixture of apple cider vinegar for 30 seconds and spit it out. Acid in apple cider vinegar helps combat bacteria causing bad breath.
  • -Quit spicy foods, cut down on curry, onions, garlic, caffeine and some alcoholic beverages. Quit smoking; it is bad for gums.

N/B; Some health issues like sinus infections, sore throats, pneumonia, thrush, diabetes, acid reflex, lactose intolerance, tonsil stones, liver or kidney disease, influenza, common cold, bronchitis, post natal drip, digestion or stomach problems and other health issues, all of this can contribute to your bad breath. Speak to your doctor and dentist to get a solution if you fall in this category.

  • -Treat allergies causing bad breath and mouth odor

-certain medications like antihistamines used to treat allergies and diuretics can cause dry mouth causing bad breath.
Speak to your doctor if you fall in this category and follow other procedures carefully to maintain fresh breath and fight bad breath.

Tip; All of this procedures will have to be practiced consistently and regularly to retain the beautiful results( fresh breath) remember, the hassle is worth the miracle of a fresh breath.

Final message; on JaRaHaB we value your contributions, feedbacks, questions, opinions, ideas, suggestions and comments. We love to hear from you. Send us a message on our contact page or drop a comment below.

Disclaimer; All contents on JaRaHaB are not direct substitutes to medical, health and appearance advice from a medical, health and appearance professional.

Causes and remedies for bad breath
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