Appendicitis; Symptoms, complications and treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Appendictis

Appendix extends in lower right side of large intestine in the body. Swelling of the appendix due to infection can result into appendicitis. The symptoms of appendicitis can quite be confused with some other illnesses.


Ever gotten a hint that all the symptoms you get are appendicitis? Like pain beginning from lower right abdomen or navel or worse symptoms!

Then it must not be ignored. You need to do something fast. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. It is a medical emmergency which requires immediate surgery to remove it.

Do not panic. You will just be fine after surgery. You do not want to risk complications like ruptured abcess and peritonitis.

Appendicitis is caused by blockage of the appendix by the invasion of bacteria, poop, foreign body or something not supposed to be there.

Appendicitis occurs in people of all ages. It is rarely seen in kids less than 2 years of age but common between ages 10-30.

Symptoms of appendicitis

  • -Sudden pain that begins at the right side of the lower abdomen
  • -Sudden pain beginning around your navel to the lower right abdomen.
  • -Loss of appetite.
  • -Nausea and vomiting soon after belly pain begins.
  • -Pain that worsens when you walk, cough or make any kind of movement.
  • -Constipation or diarrhea
  • -Swollen belly or abdominal bloating
  • -Difficulty passing gas or continuous flatulence
  • -Low to high and severe fever.

Other symptoms may include

  • -Difficulty peeing
  • -Severe cramps
  • -Dull or sharp pain anywhere your upper or lower belly or back.

How is appendicitis diagnosed?

Most times the signs of appendicitis can be unclear and similar to symptoms of ovary problems, kidney stones, gall or urinary tract infections, intestinal infections, crohn’s disease, gall bladder issues and other related illness.

A person’s medical history and some physical examination can help.

  • -Abdominal x-ray; patients abdomen can be examined to look for inflammation.
  • -CT scan; Computerized tomography
  • -Ultra sound and ultrasonography
  • -Urine test; (Urinalysis)- Test to rule out urinary tract infection
  • -Rectal exam( Barium enema)
  • -Blood test( White blood cell count) test to see how much your body is fighting an infection.
  • -Laparoscopy; To see inside the body through a thin telescope.

Complications of appendicitis

  • -A Ruptured appendix

A life threatening condition requiring immediate surgery to clean abdominal cavity from the infections spread through rupture on the abdomen.

  • -Pus forms in the abdomen

When appendix burst there is usually a pocket of infection or abscess. A tube will need to be placed on the abdominal wall to drain abscess for 2 weeks then given antibiotics to clear the infections before surgery to remove the appendix.

Treatment for appendicitis

Appendectomy or surgery is the only way to remove the appendix to avoid rupture. You can move around almost 12 hours after surgery. Recovery is faster in laparoscopy.

There is no way to prevent appendicitis. Though eating green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits for high fiber can help.

Call the doctor, if after surgery you

  • -Have increased belly pain
  • -Develop fever
  • -Find blood in pee or vomit
  • -Vomit uncontrollably
  • -Have pus in wound.
  • -Have increased pain and redness in the cut place.

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Signs and Symptoms of Appendictis
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