How to overcome Anxiety

How to overcome anxiety

Anxiety can steal the peace of your day when it becomes so regular and a part of you. And it can quite become a struggle too and one of life lessons to tackle. It’s normal when we fear uncertainty but it becomes disheartening. Anxiety can steal the peace of your day when you begin to fear almost everything, everything and every time. But the good news is that even simple changes like the Food we eat can reduce anxiety

Anxiety is quite a problem people face How to cope with anxietysecretly but don’t write about it or come out in the open to talk about it.

Anxiety can steal the peace of your day when it becomes so regular and a part of you. And it can quite become a struggle too. It’s normal when we fear uncertainty but it becomes disheartening when you begin to fear almost everything, every time.


Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety can be accompanied with various symptoms

  • Panic
  • Dizziness
  • Faint feeling
  • Tingling on fingers
  • Sweating etc.

Effective tips on how to manage Anxiety


Speak yourself to calm:

There is no greater therapy than self therapy. Be your own coach through words. Speak yourself out of fear and anxiety. Always breathe in and out and tell yourself calm down. tell yourself everything is fine, everything will be alright and truly it will. It is a sure way to bring you back to your senses. Speak it out silently.

Read negative stories that ignite emotion and tears:

When your fears cloud you and you dread uncertainty and you feel you alone are going through that in the whole world and in the surface of the earth, pause a bit. Go on social media, go to blogs, google life stories and you will feel relief you know there are many out there like you. You will feel better relating to most stories and will be moved to tears by some. This is a sure way to recover quickly from anxiety.

Take a gradual step to face your fears:

Is your mind continuously quaking and shivering, telling you that thing is not possible to achieve, telling you it will be over if you took a step forward, no damn the consequence. Face your fears and be bold enough and eager to see the end of that thing. Be desperate to see the outcome and what your fears wants to limit you from seeing.

Be present there: Take a wheel instead of the back seat:

Many times anxiety becomes common for people who are control freaks like me. We fear things might go wrong all the time if we don’t sit at the driver’s seat to steer, yet we fear to take too much when the steering is handed over to us. Take control of your life, of the decisions, take it from the hands of people and circumstances that left you stagnant and be free from anxiety.

Get mental reset through motivational write-ups:

Motivational words are soothing and have its own instant healing powers. Grab on a cup of popcorn and some motivational book. Or log on to some motivational blogs or online portals to drown that anxiety over knowledge.

Tell yourself you are not alone:

This word is strengthening when you dread your plans ahead, when you fear for nothing, when you fear your anxiety. Telling yourself that you’re not alone is enough to bring you to normalcy.

Get a grip of yourself in the moment( Sit or stand still):

When you’re overly anxious and panicky, get a grip over yourself, comport yourself even in public space, stand close to a wall or something you can hold on yo hide your sweaty palms and shaky self. There is nothing ton be ashamed of but it helps you gain composure. Sit or stand still so you don’t quiver.

Brace yourself mentally for shocks:

Most happenings do give us warning signs that they are coming. This is even for good. Instead of worrying yourself over the visible truth you cannot prevent or avoid, brace your mind and tell your self, let the worst happen, it cannot kill me and even if it does, we only die once.
Take a walk:
Walk away you anxiety, breathe and pant away your anxiety. All of this regular yet small measures can be self assuring to curing your anxiety gradually.


Be in the company of those you are more confident than:

For those people who suffer from anxiety disorders, you may find yourself even anxious in the midst of people lower than you yet it is a sure way to build and boost your confidence levels which helps to keep your anxiety at bay as it builds your social and communication skills effectively and gradually.

Be in a group with at least 2 confident people you secretly admire:

This can be way scary for an anxious person yet if events and situations bring you in the midst or company of extra confident people, don’t look at them as having two heads but observe them to learn this skills from them. so many of them may suffer from same thing as you with only a difference and that difference is,, they worked on it enough to concede it. When you learn, you too may just be another lesson for another anxious person when next you display your people skills.

Take up a new challenge( A new course, new skill, new degree etc.):

This may have a way of shooting your blood pressure as an anxious person but the more you have the desire, the more determined, the more push you will have, the more better you will feel and the more prouder and achieved you will be.

Embrace vulnerability wholeheartedly:

Yes, let the world know you do fear showing your true self, you are human with a heart, you can cry when you feel touched, betrayed or helpless, you can love with the whole of your heart, you can move regardless of what you see because you aim to get that thing. Vulnerability helps a person to work independent of anxiety triggers and limits over thinking everything.

Be proud of yourself and all you are:

No matter who you are, where you are from, what you do, where you go, what plans you have and how anxious you have been, the moment you learn to be proud of your every step even the failures, the bigger you will feel of yourself the more confident you will be and the lesser those fears will pop up.
Fight your anxiety with the everyday simple tips today.

How to overcome anxiety
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