Anger management strategy

Anger management strategies

Anger Management Strategies

Anger is an emotion that can have grave effects on a person and those surrounding him. When a person fails to find to find proper anger management strategy to suppress  his anger adequately, the person’s friends bear his grunts, brunts and may even end up wounded, abused or sick and tired of the regular influx of incontrollable hormones from their angry colleague. Emotions like anger are one of the live lessons to learn before you are 30.

How to manage anger

To be able to manage anger, you need to be able to know it’s triggers, identify signs of when your anger is building up so as to quickly avert it. To truly manage anger, it must be dealt with from its roots.

Learn to flip thoughts away from unpleasant reminders:

Many times anger could be a build up of differing issues. You could not achieve your aim with that contract you applied, you ignored and acted up like every thing is alright, you return home and your partner used one of your property and refused to keep it back in its place yet you acted like everything was fine, your kid disobeyed you and you overlooked and this time again your partner has come to ask you something when you are trying to rest and then you lash out. Can you not see i am tired and need some rest and there she stands shocked at your rude behavior, there you quickly look away in disappointment at yourself and a behavior and wondered why you had to react so angrily over what isn’t worth a fuss. No, even though you couldn’t get to say it but based on temperaments the brain registers eben those ones you try to overlook. If you keep quiet and not silently speak yourself off telling it as a minor issue, you will begin to overreact and feel easily agitated, irritated and angry over nothing.

When ever your brain or mind takes you back to the memories you don’t find appealing, get busy or distract yourself with music or entertainment.

Breathe in and out:

In the heat of it all, know you are far from thinking straight. Breathe so deeply and breathe out then calmly select your words carefully. This is one effortless anger management strategy

Develop a mindset of putting people in your shoes:

After your angry outbursts if you end up not being proud of your actions the best thing to do is think through of and think of the pain you subject those people who witness you to. If you were in their shoes can you take it? Would you love to treated that way? If not, make a choice, a decision, a determination and learn to avoid or overlook things if possible carefully twist what triggers your anger and turn it to a joke. This anger management strategy is more humanly real.

See Humans as flawed and imperfect beings:

Human beings are so flawed and so you are that why you get angry. When you expect it perfect from people all the time you you will be left with nothing but bouts of anger you cannot suppress. Begin to build the mindset that people will always annoy you or pull up strange acts even though its unintentional..

Get some good sleep to reset mentality:

This works very well for me. i begin to misbehave and throw fits when i haven’t had proper sleep even for a day. my brain manages stress poorly and as such the only way it rejuvenates or restores itself to factory settings is with a dimple sleep. I wake up relaxed, calm, happier and more refreshed. my brain bounces back with remorse and the ‘you shouldn’t have done that’ thingy. I then try to fix it and watch up next time. Just that it might be difficult to get this sleep most times with daily commitments arising. But it sure helps. It is a natural anger management strategy.

Scroll through Social media pages of those who caused you pain, those you’re doing better than:

Most anger come from feeling frustrated in life with scars that refused to heal. While social media is a No and a killer in many issues it can help you smile again to calm when you realize not too much has happened with all the people who caused you pain. When you realized they are not doing much better than you. No, you’re not a sadist. Its just the human psychology of of keeping it up with competition. try it and let me know. It is one strange Ange management strategy

Stop focusing on the bad:

When you are bent on seeing and capitalizing on the bad traits it sticks and blurs your vision to appreciating the good people have to offer you no matter how little it is. Learn to appreciate good qualities and avoid being a walking piece of anger.

Learn to accept blames and take responsibility:

It takes a mature and humble mind to take responsibility and apologize for their mistakes and it even takes a person with a larger heart to apologize when they know they are not at fault just because they want peace. It doesn’t make you weak but portrays the inner strength in you. The more you apportion blames the more used to it you will be, the more you escalate issues and get angrier through the other’s reaction, the more pride takes over making you to overlook the truth that your mind tells you when you were wrong. End the fight today, answer simple questions calmly. Quit answering questions with questions and watch anger subside. This anger management strategy signals a sense of maturity.

Work on your arrogance and sense of entitlement:

When you feel you are too big, when you feel people should always do the other thing, when you have this bugging sense of entitlement that you nurture, you may find anger come easily from a place of pride. Work on your arrogance and pride today and know no body owes you anything or a particular lifestyle and watch your anger become managed.

Act opposite of your angry mind:

Be the master of yourself and take the power in your hands by surprising yourself. When it says hit that person, put your hands in your pocket, when it says punch the table, move away from there, when it says abuse the person, pamper that person instead. You can make it obey your wishes only if you build a determined mindset.

Watch stress levels before the explode:

You are too stressed and you know its going to be disastrous yet you do nothing about managing it nor find a solution. It will explode without warning and affect all around you, always finding a way to show up in little yet negatively memorable ways with people that encounter you.

Practice Journaling:

Writing is one beautiful art but journaling is even sexier. It makes you vent on paper instead of on your fellow humans and properties. Be wise and journal today.

Appreciate the beauty of nature:

Take a walk. Appreciate the sun, the flower, beautiful colors on the frames and portraits, appreciate animals, appreciate the moon or anything. Stare beautifully and get lost in its thought. Drown your anger in it.

Prioritize forgiveness:

No matter what anybody does, forgiveness is key to healing, key your peace of mind and calm of the mind and spirit. Tell yourself not to hold grudges and watch anger diminish.

Develop shock absorbers and accept setbacks:

When life’s setbacks trigger your anger, tell it you are stronger by shaking it off. Sit and discuss with people in a group or cry that moment and move on. Get used to shocks no matter how rude they come.

Build mental strength through mindfulness:

You are so angry at your past and present that you cannot tell your present life is affected by it. live in the moment and leave the rest to take Care of itself.

Plan ahead of time and avoid rush hour:

Rush hour can trigger stress, stress can trigger angry outbursts. Manage your time beautifully and take charge of your anger.

Quit the i’m the angry type mentality:

No, you are not the angry type. You just let it control you. Control it instead and tell yourself you are the type that believed in forgiveness and a good attitude.

Learn not to act on your frustrations’

Life and people can frustrate you. Learn not to act on anything you see,hear or think based on the frustrations you have in life or in the pasty. You will ruin a whole lot. Act only with a sane mind.

Take chill water when you want to act up:

In the heat of the moment, calm your head by taking. chill drink, healthy yoghurt, smoothie, milk or water and defeat that trigger.

Chose to see the good side instead of the bad:

No matter what happens in life, chose to dwell on the good past that life presents and overlook the bad and watch you leave an anger free life with ease.

Anger management strategies
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